A placeless place in which everything derives from, and that everything passes through, but is not retained such as how a mirror will hold a reflection, is a concept that has provoked the interest in one particular space and form to track the photographs that embody the adaptation from a conceptual into a physical and environmental space, termed in English as ‘launderette’.

It is here within these four walls that the significance in the insignificance is projected into a series of black and white portraits of women, who enter and disappear from the space within the calculated minutes that the coin-slot machine counts down. To linger briefly on the subject of time, the activated machines begin their circular motion and it is the cycling or the spinning of the machine that stands as a metaphor for the passing of time, time that is not attached to anything other than waiting for the machine. It is within this time slot that the second machine in this story, the camera, is used to document the women behind the activation of the machine. 

This specific location, in its banal and empty essence, isolates the standing figures and yet simultaneously opens up the potentiality to engage in a visual dialogue between two strangers.

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