Also known as ‘Vossenplein’ (Fox Square) and the ‘Old Market’, 'Place de Jeu de Balle' is one of Europe's most famous flea markets, taking place every day of the week in Brussels. This body of work is an on-going collection of photographs depicting collectable and desirable historical objects.

Each morning, objects are curated on tables, boxes, or a large, spread out piece of cloth on the floor. Each day, the market seller will change their display, somebody will purchase an item, or take it in their hands to look at it, and it'll be subtracted from the composition. By recording them; they become fixated, transitioning into an object with other means besides their original purpose.

Here stands a collection of materials: crystal, glass, pearls, chinaware, porcelain, satin, velvet, etc. The combination of shapes, color and surfaces embellish the scenery, their previous worth and value however has diminished, they are old glory-time snippets of domestic human living and examples of the material and design that we surround ourselves with.

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